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Wonder and Worship

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Posted by jjtischer on 11/26/2013


Celebrate God all day, every day. I mean revel in him!

– Phil 4:4 The Message

It occurs to me that in order to revel in God I must be filled with a great sense of wonder at the thoughts of God. Webster’s Dictionary defines wonder as “a cause for astonishment or surprise; a feeling (of astonishment or uncertainty) aroused by something extraordinary or affecting”.

Can I revel in anything when all thoughts and feelings, when all astonishment and amazement are missing? If I completely understood God, there would be nothing for me to revel over or wonder about. Persons who insists that the fullness of life can’t be enjoyed until all questions are answered, rob themselves of the wonder that exists in the magic of the mysteries of life. Can we worship when wonder is gone? Being filled with awe, standing in amazement, being in love; none need be diminished by the absence of information and answers. In fact, the richness of our experiences can be enhanced by the absence.

If I completely understood what makes my wife so lovely, I would be robbed of the magic that is present in the mystery. Part of what makes her lovely is the mystery itself. The lack of information does not ruin the wonder, it heightens it.

I would not trade the feelings of awe and astonishment I felt when each of my five children was placed in their mother’s arms for the first time, for more data that thoroughly explained the science of each. My inability to comprehend the mystery and complexity of each of those five very distinct moments was in no way ruined by that inability. Tears of joy refused to be dammed up by a limited capacity to understand.

The deeper science reaches into the mysteries of life; the farther it reaches out into the vast questions in the galaxies, the more complex the mysteries become. In his quest to answer questions and to solve the mysteries before him now, man has only accomplished one real thing. The deeper he looks the greater the wonders become.

Has God limited our capacities for understanding all things in order to expand our ability to enjoy all things? Is there a connection between wonder and worship? Can we revel in what we can not wonder over? Perfect knowledge and wonder can not coexist, and I doubt that man can exist well in a world devoid of revel and wonder.

Celebrate God all day, every day. I mean revel in him!

Gary Little 03/17/2007



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